So when your swaggering thirsty self finds yourself lost in the dust and in need of emergency imbibement, let your happy trail lead to the swankadelic comfort of our 24 hr-ish Embers Bar! We are not a sound camp, but deliver legit tunes and hard drinks at our custom airstream bar where you can get your buzz and groove on among other dusty like minded outlaws. At our party prepper oasis, refreshing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages will be provided to quench the thirst of responsible imbibers by our experienced bartending entertainment crew. We will be featuring jig worthy tunes for shag inspiring rug cutting and move busting in comfort and style, and enveloping you with the decadence of ideal temperature comfort by day or night.

If you have you found yourself needing to escape the law or the politics of your big crazy camp or the fun, but constant EDM music, we have that song you never knew you needed to hear until we played it, and every armageddon party supply for each of your best days of cheating death ever!  If this was your last day on earth, we have a drink, a smoke, body paint, a thermoSTAT, and spontaneous emergency blacklight neon paint dance parties.  Beyond the enviable temperature management, you can expect a cocktail of chaos, misfit behavior, and general lawlessness at this boutique little outlaw outpost that may or may not involve getting lassoed by desert gods or goddesses with lariats. For the competitive type, we have quick draw squirt guns if you need to challenge someone to a good old western dual.