Beyond the gifts of experience, participation, and immediacy offered by our creative outlaw team of punkadelic Skull Ponies, we offer alcoholic or non-alcoholic libations and hard rock at our custom airstream trailer bar, Embers and misting stations with scheduled and spontaneous events at the Silly Filly Lounge. In addition, our thermoSTAT includes the bonus of enveloping you with the decadence of HEAT for those chilly nights! The roofdeck of Big Red offers a non-OSHA approved second story view of the street for beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the playa.

For emergency party first aid supplies, our gifting will be personally delivered or directed through horse feed buckets hanging from the Big Red horse trailer above the bike parking or available at the Embers Bar.  "First Aid" bucket 1 will have Skull Pony specific items such as stickers, earrings, and bandanas.  Bucket 2 will have glamour gifts that can be used in the Glam Stable such as nail polish, sparkle spray, blinky necklaces, and emergency purple hair dye. Bucket 3 offers guests cartons of mini menthol cigars, lighters, and ash bags for non smokers who may have forgotten that the playa brings out the inner marlboro man and might suddenly find themselves unprepared and in need of a smoke on the playa.