Camp Lead, Cruise Directing & Events, LNT & MOOP

Burning since 2013, Sara never misses a chance to visit the playa and engage with new friends in every Burning Man experience, whether actual, regional, informal or renegade! With a passion for experiencing and contributing to the art whenever possible, Sara has volunteered with multiple theme camps, art cars, and art projects over the years including Field of Fairies in 2017, Fairy Oracle in 2018 and MesmerElda Enso for 2022.

Doc: Temperature Management & Medical Emergencies; Martha: Bar & Sound Assistant Manager

A legend on the playa like the Jackalope, Doc has contributed to Burning Man culture in his many years of theme camps and art projects such as being the mastermind behind the following:

2008 Time for a Time Table (Giant sundial with history of Middle East conflict at hours)
2013 Cargo Song (18' aeolian harp)
2014 Image Oasis (15' "palm trees" with anamorphic images)
2015 Playaquarium (Interactive school of Cui'ui fish)-Honoraria
2016 Playa Forever (Da Vinci perpetual motion wheel)
2017 Field of Fairies - Honoraria
2018 The Fairy Oracle (Interactive Prophecies)
2019 The Fairy Oracle
Mutant Vehicles: Loadie Lifeboat crew, and The Shark

His creative infamy extends beyond the playa to having competed on Junkyard Wars against other notorious art contributor, Duane Flatmo who is known for the art cars El Pulpu Mecanico and Rabid Transit. Doc was joined by his partner in crime, Martha, for the 2019 Burn where she discovered her love for all things sparkly, dusty, and divine.

10 Principles & Acculturation, Ranger

A veteran Ranger of Burning Man and accomplished author, Jack literally wrote the book on Burning Man culture and the 10 Principles as seen and experienced through the eyes of a fictitous playa virgin. Into the Dust - the Virgin made is debut in the publishing world in 2021 and is well on its way to being the standard in survival reading for virgins and experienced burners alike. For more enlightenment, visit

Community Engagement, Cruise Directing & Events 

Notorious for his legendary Burning Man events and wanted in at least 3 states for errant neon UV paint tailings, Pixie perfects the art of the journey whether its building a keg raft to float the Grand Canyon or herding turtles in Mexico with his wife, Danielle. He ensures that no story is left unridiculous and is a pilar in the world of cheating death and bringing joy to others who dare to do the same.

Community Engagement, Ranger

An experienced Ranger with many years at Burning Man, regional events, and general shenanigans on the playa, Indiana brings his love of dancing, drinks, and camraderie to invite even the shyest burners to participate with immediacy!

R.I.D.E. Coordinator, Events

Sage is from Southern California. She produces art and music while dedicating time to her love of nature. Her interest is in counter culture and alternative genres. Sage has experience in fashion and wants to expand her expression in style; while inspiring others to feel comfortable with being themselves. She is outspoken about diversity, social issues, and supports increased BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ representation in events, media, and government. Sage has a decorated history as an athlete and All-American Swimmer.  Her experiences grow as a yoga teacher, curator of art, and maven of technology.

Koffee, Konversation & Kookie Leaders, Fire Safety Assistants

This dynamic duo has attended the Burn 15+ years, as well as many regionals. They have volunteered in many capacities as theme camp members and throughout the Org. Burning Man and camping at the Black Rock Desert is a ruling passion for them both.

Burning Man Virgin!

John is new to the burner world, but has dove into the dust head first! After attending Juplaya in 21, he went to the Renegade Burn and became part of the Skull Pony tribe. He has since attended several regional events; and with a background in construction and all things outdoors he is ready to find his way home.

Burning Man Virgin!

From not knowing about TTITD to being entered in the Burning Man Ultra Marathon, Matt hits the ground running in all things extreme! Having mastered some of the most grueling competitions on Earth including the Lighthouse 100 miler, Cloudsplitter 100k, and countless other ultra trail races and Ironman triatholons, Matt is a very advanced boy scout in the midst of his most important undertaking to date: living up to Sara's fashion expectations for the playa! Aware of the merry misfits he is now cavorting with, Matt is hoping that his court room experience and legal practice will not be put to the test with keeping Sara and her band of outlaws out of trouble! Being an outdoorsman, adventurer, and all around thrill seeker, he's looking forward to the further manifestation of all that the playa provides!

Dance Party Aficionado, Temple Guardian, Events

Natasha is a Nevada local, dust dancing her way through the Playa since 2005 being part of 11 burns! She loves instantaneous dance parties, long walks on the Playa, and wandering to be both lost and found. Natasha has been on Playa representing the ACLU, spent her last few years as a Temple Guardian, and worked on Burning Man's digital platform Kindling in 2020. 

Melissa: Center Camp Volunteer; Isak: Burning Man Virgin!

Melissa worked her first two burns at the Center Camp Cafe. She loves being a barista and would choose that as a dream job any day! In the default world she is a travel nurse, hiker, climber, and studying to become a sex counselor. She loves living tiny and even spent a year traveling around in a renovated camper with her cat! Isak is a first time burner, but has spent most of his life living the 10 principles, from radical self expression (taking to the streets of Europe as a juggler in his younger years) to immediacy in his motorcycle travels through Southeast Asia and Africa. Likes dice. Likes rocks. Likes people.