No camp is complete without the obvious vibe and ambiance of good tunes! Enter our dual sound systems at the Embers Bar and Silly Filly Lounge. If you have you found yourself needing to escape the law or the politics of your big crazy camp or the fun, but constant EDM music, we have that song you never knew you needed to hear until we played it, and every emergency party supply for each of your best days of cheating death ever! If this was your last day on earth, we have a drink, a smoke, body paint, a thermoSTAT, and spontaneous rug cutting with like minded souls listening to legit tunes!

Joey, the creator and manager of Embers, serves as the bar and sound manager while Martha delivers interactive experiences as his assistant. Their time on the playa will be primarily spent at camp doing what they love, bartending and dj-ing. While we all love EDM music and will be playing some particularly during the emergency blacklight neon paint dance parties at the Silly Filly Lounge, we are mostly too old to have the energy for 24 hr EDM. So if you need some Led Zeppelin, 90s alternative grunge rock, 70s disco, or the occasional 80s big hair breaks from EDM, we are here for that:) Oh yeah, and emergency Metallica of course!

As we get closer to the 2022 burn, we will likely be posting some of our playlists here. In the meantime, peace + love + rock & roll! Party on, Garth!