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WHEREAS, This Agreement refers to not only the Website and Products of, but also associated media, printed materials, and or online/electronic documentation that relates to the Website and Products. By using the Website and the Products in any way, including, without limitation, use of any of the services, downloading of any materials, installing, copying, or otherwise using the data or merely browsing the site, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. reserves the right to make changes to the materials and services at this site, including the prices and descriptions of any products listed herein, at any time without notice. The Products of the Provider are defined as:

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WHEREBY, The Website and Products of are protected by copyright laws, intellectual property laws, and international copyright treaties and are subject to the laws of the United States of America. The rights granted to you for use of the Website and Products constitute a license and not a transfer of title. The intellectual rights, including authoring rights, are exclusively held by 

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    • Copy the Products unlimited times for non commercial purposes, electronically or physically, but solely for the uses of that entity and under a single tax identification number.

The Products may only be used by the Licensee individually or by an employee, partner, or trainee of the operator at any one time. In the event the operator is not a Licensee, the operator must exclusively serve Licensee interests. Any copying and usage of the download products by an individual or entity with a different tax identification number than the entity that purchased the download products is considered a violation of the Terms of the License.

  • Restrictions. In the event the Licensee or one of their collaborators performs any of the listed below actions, the Terms of the Agreement will be breached whereby the Agreement will be terminated instantaneously, and the Licensee will no longer have any rights to use and copy the Products under any circumstance. Under License restrictions, the Licensee cannot:
    • Remove any label, sign, or written notice regarding the products, copyright, and intellectual property rights;
    • Modify, copy, dismantle, or create object deriving from these Products to use for resale or commercial purposes of any kind;
    • Rent, lend, or in any other way transfer the licensed rights to use the Products to entities not related to the Licensee;
    • Communicate in any shape or form details such as confirmation numbers, serial numbers, codes or any other information related to the registration and/or unlocking of the Products;
    • Utilize the Products for any illegal, immoral, or violent operation;
    • Share or concurrently use Products with individual or entities not affiliated with the Licensee.

Any attempt to manipulate, hack, copy, or acquire Products in a manner not in accordance to the End User License Agreement will be prosecuted as criminals in all countries.

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  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction. This Agreement and performance hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America. The Licensee agrees to fully comply with all laws and regulations of the United States without regard to conflicts of Law.
  • Severability. Any provision hereof which may prove unenforceable under any law or by any court shall not affect the validity of any other provision hereof.
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