Besides being some hard rocking outlaws projecting desert goddess vibes, legit tunes, and stiff drinks, we endeavor to ensure that for every moment you spend cheating death with us that you are doing so with style and ambiance in our camp of exquisite temperature management. We all know what a buzz kill the heat of the day and chill of the night can bring to a good time, and yet not enough camps address the critical, yet basic creature comfort of proper temperature management, so here we are to save the day! (or night!) under the shade and mist of the Silly Filly Lounge or under the stars next to our burn barrels and heaters outside Embers Bar!

At the end of the red carpet walk of Skull Pony, you will already be experiencing the indulgence of our custom Skull Pony burn barrels or proceeding onto further options in the temperature oasis.  At the center of the Skull Pony camp, will be the shaded Silly Filly Lounge with a circular red carpet under a disco ball that is surrounded by misting lines to enjoy during daytime heat.  Flanking the outer circle and at the end of the VIP ropes and red carpet walkway on the way to either the Embers Bar, or the Silly Filly Lounge will be shaded lounge areas and  sufficient room for spontaneous dance parties.  Any fellow scantily clad desert goddesses and gods experiencing code red from buzz threatening cold air will surely find their happy place in our exquisite temperature zones.  How many of us go back early at night because we're just too damn cold?  Not at Skull Pony!  Besides the obvious HEAT we bring, our lounge will have ample blankets for up to 30 guests as well.

Wait, what the hell is a Skull Pony, by the way?  We are basically the opposite of Sparkle Ponies, but can even provide the sparkle to a pony!  Consider us the desert party prepper ninjas you would want in Armageddon!  Emergency purple hair dye or neon body paint? Check.  Need to blow some bubbles while smoking mini menthol cigars? We gotcha covered!  Our "first aid kit" horse buckets, will include a variety of essential party supplies for your survival in the desert as you cheat death another day! Check out our Gifting page for more details on Skull Pony swag and our commitment to the 2nd Principle.

If you somehow have still not been drawn into our swankadelic boutique little oasis of prepper outlaws, you just might get lassoed with a lariat or cajoled by one of ringleaders! Daytime activities may include an energy or past life reading; koffee, konversation, & kookies; misting & mimosas, or drunk yoga.  In the evenings, you can get painted by one of our neon body flair artists and featured with UV black flashlights as you make your way to the propane heaters and lounge space towards the Embers bar where our talented mix masters of drinks and music can get you set up with an emergency cocktail or song. For more information on specific interactivity of the spontaneous or scheduled kind, please visit our Events page. 

If you manage to escape our clutches, you are walking out looking like the freshly painted, sparkly, drunk outlaw with purple hair, fresh smokes, and new friends that you were always meant to have.  If an asteroid were to hit us tonight, damn you had a fine last day cheating and taunting death at Skull Pony!